Planning a wedding..

June 4, 2008 10:39am CST
Well me and my boyfriend Have decided to get married. At first we had planned just getting a minister to marry us in private and have a small party for family. Well that is what he wanted and I had agreed with it because of finances. Now that my mom has said she would help us, I want a bigger wedding where we could have more of a reception, but it is causing me and my boyfriend to disagree. Should I just stick to a small private wedding he wants to have or have a wedding I want to have? My mom and a few other family members have agreed to help us plan the wedding while trying to keep the cost minimal by having a stag and doe to help raise some money. But it's not what he wants, and it is what I want. We don't have much time as we agreed on a September date, and to have a stag and doe in July. Has anyone else conflicted with their partner on how big or small you want your wedding to be?
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5 Jun 08
I can only imagine how stressful that is! My guy and I had a similar situation. I just wanted to go to the courthouse, sign the papers, and be done with it. But he wanted to have a small reception for his family members and have them at the ceremony. Is there any way you can compromise? Could you have a small ceremony with your immediate family members and have an informal gathering later? I have a girlfriend who was married with only her immediate family (and his, of course) at the ceremony -- she got her dress, flowers, and parents there at a minimal cost. They waited for about six months before they had the reception so they could do it without any financial strain. If you did that, you'd have plenty of time to work your guy into the idea of having a celebration. Either way, I hope you figure it out to your mutual satisfaction. Congratulations on your engagement and remember that you'll be together forever; you can always have the wedding of your dreams when you can afford it when you renew your vows a few years later!