Does fasting have any benefits??

fasting - Benefits of fasting
June 4, 2008 11:01am CST
Among the benefits of brief fasting (three to five days) are short-term water weight loss, increased energy, modest long-term weight reduction, possible increased elimination of toxicity, and mood enhancement. Among the dangers are dehydration, short-term malnutrition, possible arrythmias (which can be life threatening), irritability, light-headedness, fainting due to hypotension, and excessive urination. Any fast of more than one day should be undertaken with clinical supervision and expertise.
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• India
8 Jun 08
fasting has no benefits it only ruins our bodies metabolism .people readily get very tired and weak .they are not able to do work they are given they become lazy but not even a kilo flies away from the is injurious to health.
@bornohin (59)
• Bangladesh
8 Jun 08
I think Human Bodies deserve some OVERHAULING process similar to the Machines... If u FAST ur body organs gets some rest ... which prepares them to serve your body more efficiently .
• India
8 Jun 08
Now...let me tell you....fasting does lead to weight reduction...there was this phase when i had put on a lot of weight....and i tried gym,yoga...running...everything.....but was not totally dedicated towards the cause...i used to get exhausted pretty i decided i should fasting doesnt necessarily mean not eating anything at all.....i used to drink a lot of water...and ate fruits whenever i felt was really difficult because when everybody's eating food...and you have to control that urge.... Yes i used to feel light headedness.....slept a lot....but nothing like short term malnutrition...just that i had some headaches...but fortunately...all this paid off.....i reduced some weight....not much.... Have a nice day....take care !