have u suffered back pain in your life

June 4, 2008 12:00pm CST
yes if its come terrible .when i was working in my house i carried sand and i got slipped the back bone.after that i cannot walked for long time if i walked my leg will became feelingless and pain too.i approch the dr he says need to take rest and give some pain killer.but i heard some did operated. only solution i have is jeasus in my life he did so many things in my life i and my wife neeled down and prayed i cried to him even i cannot carry my son .but in a few days all gone from my body i was cured by jeasus.i feel that i was got a new back born,u now now also i can carry a 50 kl cement back . u belive ait?.its true in my life .yes my dr is jeasus he healed me .because of his grade kindness it has no limit.how about u ?
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@kosykosy (160)
• Ghana
4 Jun 08
Hi, I'm so glad to hear that! Truly, Jesus is the one true healer. You can trust Him with everything! How recent was this? Last week? I'm happy for you!
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5 Jun 08
it happend to me 8 years ago
• United States
4 Jun 08
...=/ Sounds like maybe...You just needed to let your back rest for a bit. I'm nt saying I'm unreligious, but everything in life doesn't just happen through religion. The body is a complex but marvelous thing. It heals itself and with the assistance of medicine and propor stretching and rest we amplify it's strength. I don't find your back being cured after such a miracle, I find it just a good amount of rest and healthy lifestyle.
4 Jun 08
it not just happened . that time i suffered a lot,that time i was helpless only i know jeasus it is not the reliugion but he loves every one me and you ,iam not religious but he answeared my prayer.becaues i have to tell the truith. thanks for your reply