if you have a moment in your life that you want to change..

June 4, 2008 5:56pm CST
what would it be?
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@Mirenia (199)
• United States
4 Jun 08
I dont. Honestly I dont think anyone should want to change anything that happened in their life. I mean we do everything for a reason at one point and things happen to us for a reason. No need to regret or want to change anything that was once done for a purpose.
• Canada
4 Jun 08
If I could change just one thing, I'd like to know where my KEYS are!!!! I lost my keys last night, and I can't find them. It's really annoying, bcause I coudln't get into my apartment last night, or even into the building because it was so late. I had to stay at a hotel!!!
• Norway
5 Jun 08
good for you! joke!!! well at least now, you have learned a lesson; to keep/put your things where it should be and not just anywhere. lol...
• China
4 Jun 08
Yes ,I want to change because I feel regretful in some things ,I want to go back but that's impossible .So I only change my life now .I don't hope feel regretful in the future.