cant sleep back..

June 4, 2008 7:59pm CST
have ever been disturbed in your sleep and cant go back to sleep?well i had lots of times.but i badly need to sleep to charge myself for you have any advice for me?
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• Philippines
14 Jul 08
ok ill help you buddy the following are my advice:1) drink a glass of milk before going to bed 2) keep your self busy during day time 3) eat a small meal during dinner 4) a body massage will do to make you relax 5) do not consume too much fluid before bed time 6) take down your medication accordingly may be one has a side effect that interferes your sleep/wake cycle, ask to your doctor for alternatives 7) avoid stress ......sleeping pills are not advisable they have lot of serious side effect i hope i answer your question my friend...... if you need help im always here on the web waiting..... live, laugh and love..... take care of your health my friend...
@underdogtoo (9599)
• Philippines
9 Jun 08
There are times when I cannot sleep and I just toss and turn until the morning. When that happens I just let it happen and allow the lack of sleep to take over me when I go back to sleep again the following night. Sometimes I sleep a little in the afternoon if I am really tired.