The Lost City of Atlantis versus Pyramids around the World

@aowaow (1517)
June 4, 2008 8:20pm CST
My concept of Atlantis: Atlantis was the last-line of the past Earth generation before our Stone Age era had begun. Many believe it's not exist, but many hieroglyph in Pyramid, especially in Egypt had such 'unique' carving. It's carved a submarine, chopper, and other means that was hard to recognized in their era. Atlantis was brought down by their own tools. They are not only mastering the tangible technology, but yet also mastering the art of Spiritualism. Atlantis was in a vicious civil war and was left in a vacuum time of leadership. Altogether every powerful side tried to become a successor of the king. They accumulated and lending the spirit energy from energy and stroke upon each other. But nature was not allowed itself to be 'unbalanced'. Once the energy was soaked up too heavy, it lead to a huge disaster; volcano eruption, flood, storm, etc; and caused the judgment day for the Atlantis civilization. The harmony once was preserved well now is in the destruction's gate imminently. In the hidden section of unveiled chamber of Pyramids may have the knowledge of Atlantis appearance. It's just waiting for the right person and right mental to accept such knowledge. It can be useful to us if we are playing it right, but on the contrary, we would end up like them if we are not be careful with those toys. The truth sometimes tastes so sweet, but yet it priced-well equally with its pain. What do you think about Atlantis, along with does it have a correlation with Pyramids? What do you think about this?
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• India
5 Jun 08
Hi friend, this is very interesting. I wish I could read more on the subject. I did read somewhere that the earth held some really advanced civilizations that destroyed themselves by their own stupidity, and mankind never learns from old mistakes. Thanks for the interesting discussion. Cheers and happy mylotting
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• India
5 Jun 08
Quite interesting. Got a link to any interesting articles or books on same? Cheers and happy mylotting
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25 Jul 08
Sounds like a nice work of fiction. We are pattern-seeking animals, and it is natural to make post-hoc conclusions like you have here. I can find a pattern or correlation in nearly anything if I'm trying to find one. A mind seeking the truth would need to ask how much real evidence is there. How many assumptions have been made, either purposefully or accidentally? Are there independent lines of evidence all pointing to the same conclusion? Can we reproduce the results by having someone else who is unbiased review the evidence, experiment, or theory and come to the same conclusion?
@Nadura (44)
8 Jul 08
I think the link between Atlantis and the Pyramids is complete rubbish. What hieroglyphic inscriptions are you talking about? I have never heard mention of a submarine hieroglyph. I think this sounds like something from a very far fetched sci-fi plot rather than something that really's just one step below claiming that aliens built the pyramids!