How much time does it takes to clear alertpay check in India?

June 4, 2008 11:35pm CST
hi, my name is kehar. I want to know that i've some funds in my alertpay account. I want to withdraw it, So do you know how much time does it takes for a alertpay check to clearing in india? And how much time does it takes to get check? Thanks in advance.
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• India
11 Dec 08
hi kehar the check of alertpay comes almost 2 or 3 working day on ur given adrees in india.and then u need to cahnge this check to cash u need to give this check to bank and bank will give u cash within 10 day hope i help.. but sory for my bad english:)
@dap313 (14)
• India
4 Jul 08
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@rahul455 (37)
• India
9 Jun 08
hi friend.even i am facing the similar issue....i am from india,hyderabad...alert pay users are charging 7 dollars for check transactions....i had read some where i dont remember but.i am searching for people in india who got their checks from alert pay. even paypal is charging 5 dollars for check... i have personal account for both of them
@monouu (2608)
• Singapore
8 Jun 08
I don't know the processing time but you should consider the processing fee of foreign check in India. It can be high and you end up getting little money after cashing in the check. It is better for you to check with your local bank first and if it is not worth, you can wait for a bigger amount before you withdraw or exchange the fund to other e-currency for ease of withdrawing.