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United States
November 2, 2006 2:31pm CST
Hello, I reside in Chicago and on May 26, 2005, I was involved in a car collision. I was traveling southbound and as I approached the intersection the light was green. Midway through the intersection, a speeding vehicle, struck me directly in the left side of my vehicle (drivers side). The impact literally spun me around into oncoming traffic. Upon stopping, I was unable to get the door a jar; the entire left side was totaled and unmovable. There was a passenger in the car that was able to get out immediately and address the Defendant. The Defendant apologized and called the police. They came but did not take statements from either party stating, \"Let the insurance companies handle it\". Oh course, the Defendant denied my account of the collision to his insurance company. Which brings me to my question. I filed a Small Claim against the Defendant and he was served and has an attorney. To day in Court the attorney asked the Judge for a Jury Trail. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Lastly, will this help me or hurt me? Shortly after the collision the Defendant\'s insurance company filed to have my license suspended due to the fact that I did not have valid insurance at the time of the collision. The hearing officer found me to be innocent of the statements made by the Defendant and restored my driving privileges. I have the documentation from the States Hearing Officer. Please provide me with some sound advice. The claim is only for $3,954 but more importantly I\'m not at fault! HELP ME PLEASE1
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@sbeauty (5870)
• United States
2 Nov 06
Do you have good witnesses who saw what happened? One afternoon I stopped at a 4-way stop. I watched several people go thru the intersection. The car across from me was next to go. As he started through the intersection and old lady in a car to my left pulled out and smashed them broadside. I left my name as a witness and was later contacted by police. The old lady had blamed everything on the people who were rightfully in the intersection. Fortunately for them, they had 2 witnesses who corroborated the story of the person in the right. There are a lot of people out there who will lie thru their teeth to get themselves out of trouble. Talk to your lawyer about the best actions for you to take.