which color u will prefer to wear daily?

men in balck and blue - Wearing black pant and blue shirt.
June 5, 2008 4:10am CST
i mostly prefer to wear black or brown color.some time i wear white shirt or sky blue shirt with black pant. that looks cool.
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@Timothy31 (649)
• United States
5 Jun 08
99.9% of the time i can guarantee i am wearing something that is black. It is usually my shirt but sometimes its shorts. I don't have any black pants that i can think of right now.
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@iamnes (325)
• Philippines
5 Jun 08
i am not really picky in choosing colors for my clothes but considering the color of most of my dresses and blouses, i guess i really prefer wearing green and brown. i don't know but i end up buying these colors most of the time although i'm not that aware of it until it was mentioned by most of my friends.
@lkbooi (16101)
• Malaysia
5 Jun 08
I like jeans in blue color, and doesn’t matter light blue or dark blue. Though I favor black and dark blue I don't have many shirts of these color as the weather in my place is rather hot. I prefer to put on shirts of lighter colors like pale blue, grey and light purple most of the time so I don't feel so warm.
@ayrin03 (318)
• Philippines
5 Jun 08
light colors will do..it very hot lately
@celticeagle (117648)
• Boise, Idaho
5 Jun 08
I hate black. Earth colors are nice. Don't like red. My favorites are seafoam green and dusty pink. Feminine shades.
• Norway
5 Jun 08
color doesnt matter for me when i choose what clothes to buy or to wear for a day. if i like the style, then i would buy it; if i feel comfortable with that specific clothes, then i wear it.
@Anne18 (11036)
5 Jun 08
I am a jeans lady, so 99% of the time I wear my jeans. But I do have lots of wonderful colourful t shirts, jumpers and blouses that i wear with my jeans to jazz them up, plus different colours of shoes, boots and sandles.