have you ever wasted your money because of a spilled food?

@JLS_12 (41)
June 6, 2008 12:59am CST
I bought a milk based supplement to help me increase my weight. It was kind of exxpensive because it is a known brand. Now, after I drank my first glass, I carelessly didn't close the tin can well and put it in my gym bag so I can bring it to the gym. After my workout, I was going to fix my drink when I found after I opened my bag out that the the supplement got scattered. Almost the whole can got emptied. Btw this is powedered based. Take note, this is my gym bag. Often times after I work out I just change clothes and put the perspired clothes into the bag without putting them in a seperate plastic. These includes socks and underwears as well. So I was thinking, should I throw the scattered powder or should I return it to the can? Because it is expensive, I scooped the powdered supplement little by little and then returned most of it to the can. I still drank the whole. Come to think about it, its kind of yucky sometimes but hey what about the money right? Did you ever have this kind of experience?
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