How many days do you use your jeans before washing ?

June 6, 2008 3:26am CST
People say that jeans should not be washed often. What do you think ? It is in the history of jeans that it should look muddy and dirty. Do you agree..? Which brand of jeans do you think are the most popular. Which brand of jeans has a longer life..or there is no such thing.
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• India
6 Jun 08
I dont knw if de quality if d jeans degrade aft washing but surely it does look cool when u dnt wash dem!! Thats what jeans are for... to look rugged!! And I dont think there is anything called "a longer life" for jeans.. branded jeans look better finished dats all!!!
• United States
15 Aug 08
Personally, I don't wash my jeans. I like the dirty look when it comes to jeans. The dirtier they are, the better they look, so instead of washing them, I just wear them for a few days, then switch out to another pair and wear those for awhile. I have many pairs of jeans, but NONE of them ever get washed! They look damn good that way too!
@mykmari_08 (2466)
• Philippines
6 Jun 08
Nowadays, I don't get to wear jeans anymore; basically because I'm currently working with a financial institution here in the Philippines for more than three years now and like most local offices, our company provides four sets of uniforms for all regular employees. During Fridays which is also called "wash day" locally, we are permitted to wear shirts and slacks. But way back during my unforgettable college days, our school did not provide us with a set of uniform. We were allowed to wear shirts, blouses, and jeans. And normally, I would use a pair of jeans twice. My classes last from Monday until Saturday so I use approximately three sets of jeans in a week. I was never particular with the brand or tag of jeans I used to wear; as long as I'm comfortable wearing them and also they're clean. I never used any of the jeans nowadays which are so dirty and looked like they were never washed or the torn jeans with patches. It's just not my thing.