need to find alternative on fuel?

June 6, 2008 3:40am CST
every one knows that fuel price hike can not afford common man need to develop alternative what about ur view? is ther ant idea in ur mind for fuel alternative?
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@dodoguy (1297)
• Australia
6 Jun 08
Hi kishor_cadcam, There's already a range of alternatives available for everyday motorists. If your car runs on diesel, then you can make your own "biodiesel" from plain old vegetable oil. That's pretty well documented at various places on the Internet. And if your car uses petrol, then butanol can be used as a direct replacement without any other adjustments being necessary. The question then is - where does one obtain butanol? The answer is that it's created by a fermentation process, in the same way as ethanol, so if you have heaps of cellulose material that could be used to make ethanol, then with the right know-how and access to the necessary microbes, you should be able to brew up some butanol instead. I know, it's easier said than done. Of course, it would be nice if we had more efficient and cheaper electric vehicles available to us. But the car makers are obviously more interested to sell SUV's and other gas guzzling cars, which hints that they must have shares in the oil companies (or be owned by the oil companies). Another possible option is to just ride a bicycle or walk. Not so easy when everything has been set up for cars. It would also be nice to see more public transport established. Trains are 10 times more efficient than road freight, so there's another way that the impact of petrol prices could be reduced. All these things require a certain amount of planning and foresight, which the politicians clearly lack, and the commercial interests don't care because they are raking in ever-larger profits as the rest of us starve in the gutters. Oh, the joys of rampant Capitalism! How lucky for us all that the West "won" the Cold War, and America continues to spread Freedom and Democracy across the world. Repeat after me - "Greed is GOOD!"
• India
9 Jun 08
hi what u have said i am agree for that but just think how to change a habbit? that is easier for to say but what about implimentation? there is alternative then why barrel price is hike every day and that giving major damege to economy? if see "THE SUN" is major source of energy even that tech. has been develop for to use this energy what about price, not affordable? if gov. giving some sub. on this type of vehicle will be the future. and i had news regarding vehicle can run on"AIR" visit'' nice documentation. if changing ourself will be the alternative but implimentation rate will be very less. for more information just visit 'discovery channel" there is programe 'future cars'. very nice thanks giving me reply kishor
@kingcrapper (1538)
• United States
6 Jun 08
It is a wonder to me that someone somewhere didn't see all this coming...but I am sure they did! It is a nice little partnership between the oil companies, the government and the car manufacturers. The best thing to do as far as an alternate fuel is for the common man actually seek it out themselves! Let's use bikes more, build our own solar arrays to charge our electric cars...I am personally not waiting for the government to take care of me!