Should university students pay for all their tuition fees?

June 6, 2008 7:23am CST
Some people assert that government should be responsible for the full tuition of college students because they are the cream of society and contribute much to the society. This argument is true to some degree. Nevertheless, there are more reasons why university students should support themselves for the full tuition of their tertiary education. First of all, it can ensure the quality of college education. Compared with the elementary and secondary education, the college education is operating in a quite different system, which covers a great variety of researching fields and involves numerous distinguished professors and projects. In other words, it needs a great sum of money. If this complicated system is supported by the nation without much income from beneficiaries (the college students), it will exert very heavy pressure on the country's economy. If the government is unable to invest enough money on university education because of the limited budget, the quality of education will be undermined. In the second place, it is a quite fair practice. Most of the countries in the world are supporting the elementary and secondary education, which is reasonable since the citizens should be encouraged the receive basic education and which is advantageous for the development of the nation. However, it is unnecessary that all the citizens go to colleges. Some high school leavers give up their further study because they have their own life aim. That is to say, going to university is a totally personal choice. Therefore it is not unreasonable that the people who make such choice pay for it. From the above views, I hold the opinion that college students should pay for the full tuition, which can both guarantee the quality of higher education and be a reasonable practice.
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@Canteen (595)
• China
9 Jun 08
I don't quite agree with you that going to university is a totally personal choice. at least in China, going to university is not totally a personal choice. In China, if you don't have a certificate of the university graduation degree, it's hard for you to find a good job. In fact, many students are taking part in the entrance exams for postgraduate schools. coz the certificate of a master is more useful than a university graduate's. i know a girl who can speak fluent Japanese, but she can't find a job. the only reason is that she's just a graduate of high school.some aspects of the society in China are really cruel and unfair. if i can choose, i don't wanna go to university, on the contrary, i prefer to learn languages all by myself. but i just don't have any choice. i have to have a job so i have to get the university graduation certificate. so i think it's better that the university and students pay the tuition together.
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• United States
6 Jun 08
I think that America would benefit greatly from having the government absorb the cost of tuition for college students. The American economy is in the middle of a horrible recession and so many American are in deep debt that they will spend their entire lives working to pay it off. This debt is accumulated from high tuition costs and other college expenses. I agree that it should be a choice for people on whether or not they want to attend college but I believe that the option should be given to everyone to at least have their first year paid for. If they have sufficient grades, then the government could continue to fund them and if they dropped out or failed then they would have to supply the money to continue schooling. I think that another great alternative would be to reimburse students who graduate from college. That way the government is truly investing in the future. Some people have the possibility to do great, amazing things if they are just given the opportunity to excel.
@kunizzul (1067)
• Malaysia
20 Nov 08
Hi airhead...I agree with you that the expenses of tuition fees of university students is a burden to the government. If one university have more than 10,000 students than it will costs a lot of money if they need to support more than 10 university. But, in my country the government still support the expenses of university students tuition fees. If the total cost that one students need for one courses is $30,000 than the students will just need to pay $7000 only. It's sure a big money but if we looked back how the government get the then we will know that the students deserve the help from the government. Most of the income that the government get is from taxes and the citizens pays that taxes. I think that would be the best way to pay the citizens back by improving and help the students that want to further their study at university. Anyway, this also will help the government vision to make a quality citizens with good educations bsckground.=)