Sox/Rays fight..

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June 6, 2008 9:54am CST
Did anyone else predict a brawl in last nights game after what occurred on Wednesday. Crisp had to know that he was going to get thrown at after what he did the night before. This brought back memories of the good old days when pitchers took up for their teammates with sweet chin music. Anyone else like seeing this or am I in the minority?
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20 Jun 08
O i love it as a pitcher. When someone says something to my teammate and then he's like he hit that kid for me and im like sure. I mean you know its coming when you start messin with a teammate. Like at our school we have a speacil kid on our team and whenever someone makes fun of him and im pitchin my coach is like hey and just looks at me and i know what he wants. Then you hit them and they reliaze and tell the firstbase men to tell me sorry its just great lol.
@calcynic (433)
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12 Jun 08
I LOVE IT!!! Good old country hardball. Guys like Drysdale, Bob Gibson, Robin Roberts...they made the opposition think twice about going bush league on members of their team. I despise the RedSox and I sorta like the Rays. I told my son that there may be a good Rhubarb coming in their next game. Thank God it happened. If the Rays took it sitting down, I'd have thrown them in my sh*tcan along with the Yankees, Sox, Angels and Cardinals. Long live the headhunters...they keep the bums and bushleaguers honest.