If u believe in GOD ... u shouldn't believe in ALIEN!!!!

June 6, 2008 11:31am CST
According to the HOLY RELIGION BOOKS of different Religion ...the EARTH is made for the EXAMINATIOn of HUMAN BEINGS...and thats the one and Only purpose... and all the things,objects,and other LIVING THINGS exists for the welfare of MANKIND ... so ...If u believe in RELIGION ...u shouldn't BELIEVE in ALIEN!! what's ur Opinion??
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@irdsm1 (288)
• United States
6 Jun 08
According to the Vatican (Catholic religion authority) it is okay to believe in aliens. God could create aliens as well as man, according to their official statements. Honestly, I'm not religious. I'm an atheist. And I believe that the chances are very high of finding aliens out there. But it is far less likely to find *intelligent* aliens. It is possible, but it is far more likely that most aliens we ever find would be less intelligent "alien animals" than intelligent aliens capable of building and all that. While very intelligent aliens probably exit, the universe is so incredibly vast that the chance of finding another sentient race isn't very likely unless it is a common occurrence in interplanetary evolution. Dan
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• Bangladesh
8 Jun 08
hey ,, i like your intelligent answer.. but i wont believe in Aliens until i see them with my eyez... good luck
@Henjin (81)
• South Africa
8 Jun 08
I think that if the christian god is the real one, then he probably gave up on Earth a few thousand years ago a made his new, perfect race on a different planet, one that is not tainted by sin.
• Bangladesh
8 Jun 08
any way ..thanks for your response
@kasata (34)
• India
6 Jun 08
the main question is how did human came into existence ?and i believe that there were alien species which were advanced more than humaan at this time they choosed earth as their lab and created creatures one of which are human.Well this is my thory apart from that thre are some proofs of existence of aliens many scients belive it.i believe in my religion and aliens both.
• Bangladesh
8 Jun 08
Hello ..Kasata ..thanks for your comments ..but i cannot agree with your opinion ... i used to believe your THEORY when i was a YOUNG boy . However i think most of the people will agree with me that ...HUMANS are not LABORATORY elements of ALIEN .
13 Jul 08
you can beleive in both once you know the true identity of what is called alians today. There has been writeings for the last 6000 years about these visiters and even in the bible you read about them, wel at least you can if you can read the origanal langauges of the old testament and pre hebrew, like the Ugarit and Akadian texts. Alians, Sons of god, Demoms, Angels and gods all describeing the same thing. These are not all powerful gods, as YHWY is all powerfull nad created these other gods before he created the universe. It is all there if you can read it.
@anikey (23)
10 Jul 08
U can believe in them but not so far as u trust in God