Wow, I found a way to save on Prescription Drugs!

United States
June 6, 2008 1:14pm CST
I have tried to save on prescription drugs before, but the discount program did not work, nor the health insurance company (unless you pay dearly for premiums). I am on a fixed income, looking for ways to save, not always successful, but I try! This morning, my doctor returns my call from yesterday.... and changed my prescription, this will save me $516.00 per year. You have to check around for right prices, and ask questions! I really do not know much about drugs, usually just go as long as I can to endure pain, and not take anything. This a prescription that I have been takeing for over 20 years, because of a tumor. Know I know what to ask the doctors, and have a priscription list for saving! Wish I knew this last week when taking medication for flu (had 4 wks), each pill was $20.00. I love to share ways to help others save. Hope to hear from you??
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