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United States
June 7, 2008 12:12am CST
Anyone who wants to check out a new band of original music check out the Rochambeaux Myspace page. Its a band I am the lead singer in.
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• Australia
23 Jun 08
awesome!! cant wait to hear it!! I write my own lyrics/songs and love to sing, I have the sounds in my mind of how I want the music to sound in each song but dont actually have any music to go with my songs, and I dont know anyone nearby that knows how to play any instruments, so I'm saving up for one of those really good expensive music composers/makers, How long have you known the other members in your band? and is this the only song your band has recorded?
• United States
23 Jun 08
Its a pretty cool little story. I have known Wayne, the drummer, since second grade. We were trying to find stuff to do in our small town and we came up with a band in high school called The Texas Hangmen. That was ok and we kind of took them to college with us because Wayne, the guitarists and I all went to the same college. We played some shows are recorded, but back then we were using pretty small time equipment. The Texas Hangmen broke up, but Wayne and I would do this side project (he was in a different band called the Lollies) where we made our own music and recorded on a four track which was still pretty bad. Well we graduated from college and he moved back to the small town and I stayed in the college town to work. He would play in a couple different local bands, but he built a studio and got some pretty nice recorded equipment and software. He made his own little record label and released a bunch of our old stuff on an album so he could learn how to sell CD's online and how to put stuff up on Itunes and napster. Now we are making a better album with the better equipment. I go down there about once a months to record the vocals and write stuff with the two guitarists that live near Wayne. Anyway, go check out the Myspace music page and listen to the demos. Thats cool that you write your own stuff. I would say just get started any way you can.
@posham (1237)
• Philippines
22 Jun 08
cool... what kind of music do you guys play? and what does the band name mean?
• United States
23 Jun 08
Well check out the Myspace music page and see what you think. Its alternative but we have many different influences. The name is the French word for the game "paper, rock, scissors".