dream interpretation

United States
June 7, 2008 5:45am CST
here's one of a few, but not of many - unfortunately, a year plus ago i had returned to the town in which i was raised in, where my immediate family still resides in and nearby. not long after being here, within a couple of months i had this dream: it starts with me standing at the edge of the water at the lake that is split by a road leading into our town where the local beach used to be. it is at night or dusk and i have my cat grace with me; i am holding her over my shoulder, like you would hold a baby to burp. to my right i can hear and see at a fair distance a gathering of people, music is playing and they are socializing, there is a band and a bon-fire going. as i watch them some of them begin to point to the sky; which has become darker now and there are numerous stars that can be seen, and some of the people are acting astonished, amazed and or frightened. i can hear some of them gasping and making loud remarks but i can only make out some of what they say like " oh my god" and " what is.." - in like slow motion - i beging to turn back slightly to see what it is that they are talking about. as i look to the sky i can see a few stars are falling like only one and then another and then like one more then a few at a time, like a rare meteor shower, pretty and awe inspiring and just simply wow... the people are all in amazement and i close my eyes to make a wish...i can feel a moment of stillness surround me and the voices etc of the party fades into the background and barely audible as i begin to concentrate to look deep into my heart for my wish, i can feel the tide moving in around my feet when i am brought out of this state fairly quickly as my ears pick up some voices in panic and sounds of people scrambling- as if trying to get away from something- so i open my eyes and automatically look in their direction then i turn my attention to what has them frightened. when i look to the sky all i can see is - the best way to describe it is- the heavens falling - as if all of the stars are falling out of the heavens. i can still hear the people scrambling over things and one another trying to get away, but i just stand there in amazement, in awe, then i witness an amazing sight, the stars cease it seems for a moment to show what glorious creation they have made, it was a outline of an angel blowing a trumpet. it felt like all time had stopped even my ability to intake air - when i finally kinda came to?? i guess you could say - i noticed the lake had risen up around my ankles and i was still holding and caressing grace lightly about her head - she seemed just fine and at peace still. i looked at her laying over my shoulder and she turned around and looked at me and i just thought we'd better go and tell my mother, man she would love to see this...so i held grace firmly til we hit the sand and as i released her i could see grace and feel myself leave our bodies, it was the wierdest feeling and sight to behold, it was like " oh my gosh what's happening- can you believe it- not only did it feel that way but was thinking it too, and somehow i think grace understood me. she looked back at me and still in her now spirit cat form kinda like telepathy and with a beckoning look like "come on...let's go...remember..mom" i had to stop just for a split second and look down at myself though, ya know you just have to. i looked at her, she lead the way and i followed up the embankment. still in a bit of a shock and wondering if grace and i were communication telepathically. anyway she kinda disappeared into a shallow woodsy area where the folks can gather to grill and picknik, almost as though she knew where she was going or had to go, i had to go to the left to the "log cabin" to the left where my mother is. although there is no log cabin in real life there, but there is a steel building. i went through the building like a ghost and saw my mother lying down in the front room with her back turned towards me, i suspected she was sleeping, so i tried to wake her. i'd reach out to shake her and i was kinda yelling at her to wake up, but she wouldn't, i couldn't wake her. next thing i knew a large van full of people crashed in through the building. everything was a blaze. i panicked and thinking i could help i went over into the van and started to unbuckle the people, screaming at them to get out and that the van was going to blow up. as i was heading down the line unbuckleing people - i got to about the third fourth fifth one- i started to notice like the first one was putting his seatbelt back on- i'd go over and be like " no no no you gotta get out of here, it's gonna blow" and i would release'm. then i'd go back to the next person and i'd look over and person 2 and 3 were entangling themselves back up into their seatbelts, no.1 was buckled back in and the person i was currently releasing was trying to take the seatbelt away from me and trying to buckle theirself back up. i started screaming at them all that the van was going to blow and what were they doing- didn't they understand they had to get out -now!!! as i was trying to get the people to understand to comply and work with me which seemed to be going no where and they didn't even really seem to hear me or anything because as i was watching them it really seemed as though their spirits were kinda half way out of their body and things were beginning to do that slow motion thing again - which it was all along it was that i was just now noticing- and in these few moments of spiritual awareness as i was pausing a bit to really take a look at what was going on,,i sensed and noticed a light coming up behind me getting brighter and brighter, finally a hand rested on my right shoulder where grace usually lays, and a voice called my name. i tried to explain to the light without turning around, but, but , and, and help , and...its going to blow and...they.. the light said firmly and calmly, holly...there is nothing you can do,,, god has them taken care of ... it is okay...stop...do you believe...it is okay..let go..the voice got softer...holly it said...i was already on my knees but it felt as though i had crumbled from a full stand, i just collapsed into tears totally and completely, just sobbing...the light being more compassionate now spoke to me reassuring me that all was okay and reminding me that which i already believed in that no one can take care of anything or anyone better than god can, and with that i bagan to feel a little better. the light being said it was time and did i want to go,as i began to turn around to get up i said yes and then about half way i hesitated, "wait " i said, "what about my kitties, who's gonna take care of my kitties?" the light being said they'd be just fine, god has them too, do you believe. i thought for just a moment and felt deep inside for that feeling that you know for sure, once i felt it and knew i let out a deep breath took the light beings hand and went with out looking back. to me that was soo soo real, i woke up sobbing, scared and had to go crawl in bed with my mom, woke her and told her about it. she was like- okay- and went back to sleep, i prayed on it and then i eventually went back to sleep, but my gosh, i'll never forget it and i hope someday someone will be able to enlighten me on this one cuz it shook me to the core. any takers....
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