Summer vs Winter

@obidan (368)
June 7, 2008 6:03am CST
What do you preffer? Summer, when it's very hot ? Or winer, when it is very cold? *taking the holidays/vacations into the equation* I like summer,no more school, a lot of time for me, and I love the beach
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@iamnes (325)
• Philippines
7 Jun 08
i prefer summer and i would like to enjoy the warmth of the beach and its waters. i am not really fond of the cold weather because it gives me allergies and i'm not sure why... in summer, i could also travel and do more outdoor activities without that much restrictions and worries. more adventures during summer!
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• China
7 Jun 08
I prefer summer.I hate winter,it is so cold and I am afraid of going out though I wear so much clothes.I am aways late to work in winter for I can't get up.I wish the winter go wawy quickly every day.But summer bring me happiness.I can wear beautiful skirt,go swimming,and much fruit to eat,I think it is wonderful.
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@gwenns (255)
• Singapore
7 Jun 08
I love winters because my country is always hot and humid! And I always wanted to build a snowman or play snow wars!! lol
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@thomaas (38)
• Romania
17 Jul 08
I prefer summer, 3 month vacation, and if it's hot an air conditioner can do miracles. Winter isn't bad but the vacation is three times shorter and it's really cold.