it is surely that protect animals are more important than devolope industry

June 7, 2008 8:30am CST
We all son of natural.Scitists once believed that.It is to say that we can not be out of control by natural.We all so normal when we face on Galaxy or even bigger system--Universe.Natural worn us once by once .it is means that if we do someharm to animal kindom .we will get punish by disapearing from the world instead. EXAMPLE ARE CLARIFY SHOW TO US about the punishment from natural :EL NINO and the more higher about the sea level or the global warming . mostly ,we all face this situation :if the animal going to disappear from the earth ,what we can get for food ?what can be researched from human beings?ALso ,animal kindom play an important role in our biosphere,which linked the food chain and produce a cycle system and control the balance of ecology. it is ridiculous that industry and farmland can devolope without animals,they need matirial from animals. SO if we want human beings can grow in the earth ,we must identify the security of animal kindom.
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@ssh123 (31100)
• India
7 Jun 08
One cannot live just keep protecting animals in this cometitive world. What is required is a proper balance. All care should be taken that forest cover is increased day by day rather than cutting the forest area. Industries should grow in order to increase the productivity and employment. A country should indulge itself in promoting industries, and at the same time, afforestation should take place and with newer ideas, it should promote social forestry, forestry by private persons should be encouraged. The country (as it happens in India) should not allow people to build houses in forests.