Does ultimate anime exists?

June 7, 2008 10:16am CST
There's tons of anime. My question is? Which do you think is the best? I myself really like those ones: -Cowboy Bebop -Slayers -Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya -Ghost in the shell -Iria -Princess Mononoke -Spirited Away Please write those which you think can be called the ultimate anime and why do you think so?
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@AnimeMom (517)
• United States
8 Jun 08
Akira, hands down. I dont think any other anime can really compare to the story and the animation (at least for it's time) If you haven't seen it GO!
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• Poland
8 Jun 08
I will watch it, thanks for response.
@SHIFTY13 (97)
• Philippines
24 Oct 08
Yup. That anime is Bleach.
@Cley_CJ (105)
• Malaysia
9 Jul 08
Full Metal Panic! It has mecha & fighting action, mix of comedy & seriousness, romance, high school, political intrigue, espionage, science fiction and quite a number of violence & gore as well. It's all well mixed up, where everything appears at just the right moment, sometimes even at a time you didn't expected but still goes very well with the flow. It has 3 series: - Full Metal Panic! - Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu!(Mostly High school comedy) - Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid It's definitely a must watch.
@Pompon (1758)
• Poland
6 Jul 08
Seconded to Haruhi Suzumiya;) Neon Genesis Evangelion is a must watch, too. And for me, tv series that has full package (good design, humor, action, mechs etc.) I recommend Full Metal Panic^_^ Not gonna give you any shoujo titles because I noticed none on your list so you probably don't watch them;)
@izzuyasha (348)
• Malaysia
11 Jun 08
I like to nominate : Honey & Clover Dragon Ball Bleach Naruto D.Gray-man