Babysitter to twin boys plus three of my own

United States
June 7, 2008 4:59pm CST
I am a stay at home mom with three kids, 7,2,& 11 months. I babysit twin boys who are also two. Some people say I'm crazy. But I only watch them every other week usually only one day but sometimes more. Just recently my friend asked if I would like to watch them full time. Well they not the most well behaved kids and on those weeks that I have them for two or three days in a row it's very stressfull. Not to mention when school starts again in Aug I would have to drop my oldest off at school and pick up and that would be four young kids I will have strap in and out of carseats 4 times a day. I'm sure how to tell my friend that I just can't handle watching them full time. Does anybody have any idea how I can tell her this without losing her as a friend??????
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