I have a question about coupons.

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June 7, 2008 5:09pm CST
I have been having a shipment of coupons sent to me every month for $30. Of course, there are bunches and bunches of coupons but I am wondering if I can get my coupons for cheaper or free and save this $30 /month. I know on some of the boards there are so many that buy exactly what coupons they need from other coupons sites. I don't know how they can get all their grocery lists and needs together that early to be ready for grocery day. I only make one trip to the grocery a week and it is on Tuesday when seniors get a discount. Our Sunday paper doesn't have coupon inserts any more so I have no way but to find them on the internet and try to trade or order the ones I need. I need all the help I can get. Thanks in advance and God bless.
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8 Jun 08
Are there any large newspapers near you that you can get delivered? When we lived in a rural area, the newspapers didn't have inserts, but we ordered from a city three hours a day and got the inserts every Sunday. I don't know if it'd be more economical than the $30/month site, but that might be something to check out. If the coupons you're getting for $30/month are all ones that you pick out and you don't have any to throw away, it sounds like a deal to me. I do recall seeing a site (can't remember the name for the life of me) that was $6 an order for up to 30 coupons and an additional fee for each 'set' you ordered after that. You were able to pick the coupons out and decide on the number that you wanted. It seemed like a great deal at the time, but I didn't remember to bookmark it!
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9 Jun 08
I have lots of these coupons that are shipped that I don't use. They come in the inserts and I have to cut them out. Thanks for the post and God bless.
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22 Jul 08
Try hotcouponworld.com! They have a traders forum, and if your searching for certain coupons they will trade with you for really cheap. You can trade them stamps, or coupons you have and you can trade with other members. Even whole inserts. Good luck!