Refill Ink for Printers

@mimico (3619)
June 8, 2008 1:24am CST
I used to buy a new cartridge every time I ran out of printer ink, but lately, I discovered that refill ink works just as well and is so much cheaper! At almost half the original cost, you get the same quality of black ink and a slightly dull version of colored ink if you just use ink refills. There are many generic brands out there that sell home kits which are not that hard to use at all. This is something new that I discovered and I wanted to share with everyone on myLot. So the next time you run out of ink, try getting a refill first before buying a new toner altogehter.
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@balasri (26553)
• India
8 Jun 08
There is a sea change int the price of the original cartridges and the refills.So it is very very economical to get your cartridges refilled .And it works good too.But you got to stop doing this after three or four times.
@bjcyrix (6910)
• Philippines
8 Jun 08
Hi! Yeah I always use ink refills.^_^ I find it really cheap too and it prints good. The colored ink refill works good too. It may not be the best but it does the job. At first Ive always put off buying the real ink cartridge since its really really expensive. Did you know too that some ink retailers buy empty ink cartridges from us??^_^ Im just not sure how much they pay for it but Im pretty sure that they do. Ive thought of selling my old one but I decided to keep it until it doesnt work anymore. Right now I still have it and after sometime Ive learned of shops that offer P80 for colored ink refill and P60 for Black ink refill. Its less than half the price of the ink refill from Inkman(P150-200) here. I havent tried it yet since my last refill because I still have some ink but I think it would be good because I know the owner of the shop and I dont think they'll scam me or something like that.^_^
• United States
8 Jun 08
I've been doing this for years. I can get a decent kit for about US $15. A new cartridge is around US $30. You can usually refill a cartridge 3-5 times before it needs to be replaced, more if you are careful about it. That's a big savings if you print quite a lot. The biggest thing is not to let the cartridge dry out before refilling or it is a beast to get started again.
@curious888 (1213)
• Malaysia
8 Jun 08
I used refill ink before when I worked in Africa. I was as good asa new one. Whenever you go you have to bring a used container.
• Nepal
8 Jun 08
Certainly, When my cartidge is finished. I am going to refill center to refill ink. Its cheap so i am using when my cartidge is finished.