Mylot Payment

United States
June 8, 2008 2:30am CST
Hi, i am new to mylot yay me! I was wondering how often do people get pay from mylot? Also what can i do to earn more money? When i request my payment do i need to give any personal information like SSN or tax ID? Do i need to file this to my taxes? ANd finaly any tips to help me earn some cash =] Thank you ^_^ How much money had you made using mylot?
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• India
8 Jun 08
welcome to mylot! First let me tell you one thing...mylot will not make you rich! All it can do is to put some extra cash into ur pocket. Im get paid by mylot almost every 2 months or so... i'm not very active here... but if you are active and ready to put some 1 hour a day here you can reach payout every month. if you are ready to spend your entire day before mylot you could even reach a pay out in 2-3 days!! but that would be extreme mylotting and i will not recomend that. To earn more money with mylot you will have to learn how to start quality discussions and responses. Make sure to make really long responses and discussions that will help you earn more. Its my experiacne that starting new discussions pay you more than giving responses. Uploading a picture with a new discussion will help you earn more. Basically you will have to know how to enjoy mylot! once you start enjoying your stay here you will automatically start earning more money. Mylot just pays you for having fun! I'm not from US so i dont have to bother much about the tax related things...mylot pays me to paypal and i use my paypal balance to buy things online...thats how simple it is for me!