Does empty headed drivers make you mad???

June 8, 2008 4:15am CST
In the world of driving so many people got into accidents just because of stupidity. Not following signal lights, road signs, traffic lights, driving on the opposite direction not wearing a helmet etc... This drivers makes me upset. I myself is a driver but unlike them I am good at following rules and appllying discipline on the road. I always supress my wild character when it comes to driving because I dont wanna end up dead or being curse by people whom i accidentally run through. "Just beacause of stupidity". So how about you guys how do you feel???
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@3475067 (92)
• China
8 Jun 08
I don't like drivers of those bad habits as you mentioned.I am always scared when I sit on a car with such a driver.I'm a new driver.When I drive a car,I'm alway going at a low speed and very carefully.After all,life is the most important,no matter it's yours or others.
• Philippines
8 Jun 08
You're right! Life is precious. Be a responsible driver and happy my lotting!!! thanks for the post:D
• China
9 Jun 08
You're welcome.Good luck for you.