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June 8, 2008 5:01am CST
I have been watching a show on the Home And Health channel, its called Family's By The Dozen. Obviously it is about families who have 10 or more kids. I really enjoy watching it, and am amazed by every single family. They all pull together and get everything done, and there is so much love in the house, I think its fantastic. But, one episode really got me thinking. There was a lady, and her husband, and they were expecting their 15th baby, then the next episode they were expectiong their 16th, then 17th, then 18th, then 19th then 20th child! And let me tell you, my heart nearly stopped! It was incredible. But the thing that got to me was, she said that each child had a buddy, which I thought was cute, and she continued to say that the older child might have 1 or 2 buddies, and they make sure that child is up in the morning, they eat breakfast, they get dressed, brush their teeth, make their lunch, get to school, come home and help them with their homework etc. I thought that was not acceptable. I dont think that it is fair to give children the responsibility of raising other children, especially when they are 15 years old. I dont think that it is fair, they lose their own childhood in it. If you are not able to care for your own children yourself, then dont have so many!! Dont get me wrong, I think that it is fair for the children to pitch in and help around the house, chores, dishes, yard duties etc but it isnt fair to make them raise your children. What do you guys think?? Has anyone been in that situation? Has anyone seen the show??
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8 Jun 08
I think large families are not for everyone. I have heard from people who grew up in very large families that didn't enjoy it and I've heard from some who thought it was amazing. One family in particular (LOL, not mentioning names on purpose...), I admire, I think they've really got it together. I DO NOT approve (not that anyone needs my approval, this is just simply not a parenting choice I choose to use) of "blanket training", swatting a baby or any physical punishment of an infant. I have spanked my children, but as a rule do NOT...I think each of them has gotten one spanking (for a BIG thing...running into the street, for example) and we do not use hitting as threats or for punishment. I felt terrible when I did spank them because it was a gut reaction, not a thought out thing...So, other than the one specific family I am speaking of who use these methods of discipline, I think that large families are cool. I will gladly "take" all of the children the Lord sees fit to bless us with. I'd like to think the Lord is not going to "trust" me with 20 children, LOL... but I guess one can never tell! My boys all have extensive medical issues so the one thing that always intrigues me is how these women can have all these nda children! LOL (NDA is the special needs parent term for "normal"..."Not Diagnosed with Anything") So, that's the part that gets my goose...not, of course that I'd wish for them to have children with issues...its just astonishing to me. I don't get to watch much television, but I have seen that particular program once. I've seen some of the other similar ones as well... I enjoy watching them.