Lizzie my 15 year old sister.

June 8, 2008 6:34am CST
Hi, My name is Maggie and I am my Mom's new avater. She finally got her picture's of me and my 2 sister's downloaded so she could use me as her avater not some other cat. We have a problem with my 15 year old sister Lizzie. She had to have all her teeth removed years ago and is having trouble eating. She can swallow and drinks plenty of water and will eat small amounts of wet food (blah). Mom used to work at a vets and has given her an examination and she is fine. She also still plays every day like a 5 month old kitten so we know she is not sick. The only time she gets sick is on the odd hairball,(blah again). Mom has tried using a syringe to get extra food down her which sounds bad but Lizzie dosen't seem to mind. She is using Friskie's Pate food but it seems to have small chips in it which get stuck in the syringe, so the food that does go down the syringe is watered down. Does any one out there know of a good pate food that is not to expensive and does not have these bone chips in it. Mom is on disability but she is doing her best to get Lizzie fattened up. The vet agree's with Mom that Lizzie's problem is having no teeth and getting older but does not think she should be put down. We would appreciate any hints or idea's, Thankyou for your help. ceciliah and Maggie
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