Question about dancing....

June 8, 2008 9:38am CST
If you are a dancer, at what age started learning the art? Which type of dance you excel in? If you are a and enjoy, which one you used to watch? How many times in a month?
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@skydancer (1985)
• United States
3 Aug 08
I was fourteen, which I am embarrassed to tell people as late starters have to work a hundred times as hard for one-thousanth as much recognition, even if they have just as much talent as their early-starting counterparts. I am also very different from most late starters, as I was not new to choreographed movement as most of them are. I had had lots of diving, cheerleading, and karate lessons before hand, so I have been doing choreographed movement in one form of another my whole life, which made it so that I did not struggle with learning dance like many of we late starters are stereotyped. Anyway, I moved up through the rankings, danced ballet pre-professionally, and am now working on getting my own company put together and specializing in independent projects. I like doing any dance form en pointe because the feeling of mastering any difficult skill is always very rewarding, and pointe makes everything more difficult. I try to practice for a few hours every day in some way, shape, or form. As passionate as I am about dance, though, I am not big on watching it. If I have to watch a sport or art form, I'd rather watch Grand Prix racing... weird, I know.
@kameleen (151)
• Belgium
26 Jun 08
I do some ballroom dancing in my free time. I really enjoy it. I also like to dance some salsa at a salsa-club every week. I'm not that good at both, but i enjoy doing it and that's all that matters for me. As for watching: i like ballet or irish tapdans. I found them both very expressive and the choreography's can be really great to look at.