Making Margaritas Over Here! Who Wants An Ice Cold One? LOL!:)

Chilly Cold Margarita - Nothing beats the heat like this TexMex Treat
@peaceful (3301)
United States
June 8, 2008 2:07pm CST
It's hot and humid and I'm getting inspired by my BIGTIME headache to get inside and make myself a HUGE MARGARITA! LOL! Some of you may remember that I won a prize for my special recipe a year ago, so I'm bringing it back: Peaceful's Cuervo Black GingerRita: (It's perfect for hot weather, if I may say so) Rub a chilled margarita glass vigorously with a slice of fresh ginger. Wet the rim of the glass with lime juice and dip into chrytalised ginger. Fill the glass with 3 parts chilled Cuervo Black tequila and 1 part Ginger Beer. Garnish with fresh lime and ginger slices. Serve this puppy with chilled shrimp and cracked black peppercorn crackers and enjoy!:) PS: I tend to use a lot of ginger during the humid summer months because it seem to act as a natural cooling agent for the body. What's your favorite hot-weather drink?
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