new swimming pool

June 8, 2008 3:39pm CST
We have been renovating our old pool for a couple of months. I wanted it ready for the beginning of June so that it would be ready for the warm weather - We live in Spain. It was finally finished and painted last weekend and then this weekend we transferred the water from our old blow-up pool. The water was quite warm and I was really looking forward to some wnderful swimming.......but the weather has played a trick on me! It has been HORRIBLE today, cold, windy and raining. I have to say, I did go in fr a little while and I kept telling myself it was lovely, but I ended up shiverring and very cold! I hope the weather improves soon so I can enjoy all the hard work we put into the pool. Has anyone else been getting their pools ready recently?
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10 May 12
We will be getting our lil metal framed pool ready in the next couple weeks. There's alot of debris and junk in it from winter that needs to be removed and check for leaks and such. But it's not hot enough here til mid June for the pool to even warm up to a tolerable temperature.