Writing to make money

June 9, 2008 2:12am CST
There seem to be various ways of making money on the internet. But the most easy way to earn money seems to be writing. Blogs, articles and other content writing gets big money on internet. What are the sites that offer money to write other than mylot? I think hubpages shares adsense revenue. Do you know of any other avenues of writing to make money?
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@Jiabsa (512)
• India
9 Jun 11
There are many sites online to write article. But some sites like associate content and helium will pay money only for limited countries. We can submit our articles there, but we won't get money. I know one suitable site for writing articles to earn money. If you have interest please add me as a friend, I will send the link to you as a personal message.
• United States
9 Jun 08
There are lots of different options. You can check my profile for some as well as this article on hubpages http://hubpages.com/_17f4fya6qlnly/hub/Sites-that-Will-Pay-for-Articles. In addition to that there are several sites that will let you write reviews. There is review stream, shared reviews, and others.
@roxanne271 (2035)
• Trinidad And Tobago
9 Jun 08
Hi there, There are many writing sites available and I think it might depend on the individual on which they prefer. I use Review Stream to write and have been paid $52USD by them since I started, which was just 2 months ago. I am aiming for a higher goal for June. If you decide to check it out make sure and read their TOS and FAQ's before getting started. I'm sure other members will have different site suggestions that work best for them. Good luck
@rededdlog (118)
• Kenya
9 Jun 08
Try http://www.adreview.com