GPT - does it help to change GPT sites? WIll more credit? Need help....

@coffeebreak (17820)
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June 9, 2008 8:17am CST
Are there any GPT'ers out there? I was wondering something. I have been with it for a year. Been through the highs until the bottom fell out last summer and then learned all the things they didn't tell when I joined and all that. Anyway, I slimmed down to 2 GPT sites. the ones that paid the best, and had the most offers and had the best contests. Was doing okay...until now. These last 3 months, I haven't even made $10 cash out. I do the freebie offers, do them honestly, play by all the rules from the site as well as the advertisers. Use all the "how to's" ever mentioned, cleared cookies so many times, I'm gaining weight! (LOL! my frustration talking there!) I play them by the book and all. Problem is....nothing gets credited anymore. On either site! I just did, and followed all the rules and procedures, about 15 on each site this past weekend and not a single one credited. I am positive that I am only doing them once, as I have painstakingly, assigned advertisers to each site and do that advertiser only on that assigned site so as to be sure I don't do them more than the legal one time. I am positive I only do them once. And still not a single credt out of 30 offers. I have asked and worked and tried and you name it..I've done/tried it. And still, into my second month just trying to get $10. So... the thing that I thought last night the GPT sites themselves get to a point that advertisers don't "bother" with them anymore? I mean, maybe the advertisers are tired of that site, so they don't give it crediting attention. Question: would it do me any good to find 2 others GPT sites and start using a new site instead of the two I have been with? WOuld that matter? Only real problem I see is that I"d probably be taking many I have already taken on existing 2 sites and those wont' credit. So, I don't see that as a solution, but still..... any thoughts, comments, suggestions as to how to get them to credit? I don't expect 100% crediting, I know demographically is an issue and probably also age, but at the same time - not a single credit out of 30? And this is the second week I have done this. Last week I tried doing about as many on different days - 5 a day. I got only 5 out of the whole week on both sites to credit. Appreciate any helps anyone can offer! Thanks
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9 Jun 08
I don't really do offers because I have heard of other people complaining about this. I would probably try emailing the site admins and asking what is going. Explain the situation and see if they have any help to offer. Maybe there is a glitch and they are unaware of it. That just doesn't sound right. I prefer sites that credit instantly so I can keep track of what I am doing. This site is the only one I that I belong to that only updates once a day. If you are looking for a good site that you can earn on though, check out my profile. You can $45 a month without referrals on that site. It credits your account as soon as you do the different activities so you can see what you are earning. If you are interested feel free to message me.
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@sush123 (211)
• India
10 Jun 08
i have checked your site this is only for us and canada but not for other countries so its not usefull for me anyway thanks .