June 9, 2008 2:11pm CST
a friend of mine had a confession about his suicidal attempt...just few months a go and till now hes still thinking about it,,, hes in mid 40's already have a succesful career,pretty wife,very good and pretty 2 daughters and if you look on ther lifestyle you cant see any problems at i wonder whats with this guy thinking of killin himself?... he said he found out he fell out of love of his wife 6 years already,just after they get married when he notice a great changes on his wife too...and he also knew that his wife is not inlove with him anymore,but they keep on living together for the sake of the kids,becos they both dont know how to explain why to ther kids,,,aside from that because they cant show to the kids the true feeling between ther parents he followed his wife to live house near his inlaws...and thats the start of his great depression already,,,that he cant stop thinking how messy his life are... and this isnt what he dreamt off...he thought of having a wife that he trully love and wife tryully inlove on him...but he said he failed... he try to contact sum1 taht could shoot him and act like it was an accident so his family could get his insurance,but thank god he didnt pursue it...then even try to drown himself,and bought some pills co he could have just be overdose...when he told about it to his wife his wife just nag on him... i really felt bad for him,i know his a good man i nver heard he cheated his wife,his life is work and home...and he travels a lot with his family to treat them... and i cud not let him do it to himself,i sk him to see a doctor and found out he have bad brain chemistry which makes his feelings down moment to super down ,,,and his happy moments to super happy.... he still have nytmares about suicides and still feel upset bout his life even his taking pills from his doctor...he said he dont want to die,but he still considers the suicide to correct his life... poor man...
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@rrdj71 (696)
• United States
9 Jun 08
Doesn't sound like he is safe to be left alone. I think he needs to be supervised 24/7. My brother went through the same thing and he was on medication and institutionalized for 1 whole year before they new it was safe for him to go back out into the world. It has been 25 years and he is GOING STRONG he has a successful life and career and he is the happiest he has ever been. I sincerely hope someone can assist your friend in getting the help he needs before IT IS TOO LATE!!
• Philippines
9 Jun 08
its also what i fear for him... i tell your advice on him...thankx a lot rrdj71.