United States
June 10, 2008 1:42am CST
Hi filmmaker, =] Well i been doing film work for more then 4 years now. I started with Sony Vegas 4 and a panasonic camera. Since i am a skater me and some of my skater friends decided to make a skateboarding movie. This is how i got my passion for film and since then i been editing and producing my own short films. Right now i have a HI8 sony camera and it is ok for what i do but i been looking for a new camera? - Whats the different between a regular camera like HI8 and DV vs a camera thats said 3CCD? - Were can i find a good camera with good quality picture for a good price? - What is the best editing software? Adobe Premier? Final Cut PRo? Sony Vegas? or AVID? ( i know how to use all the software but which one should i be a pro on? -What camera do u use? and what editing software do you use? WEll thanks you, and hope to hear from you =]
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