Can anyone help me???

June 10, 2008 3:27am CST
My cousin bought a laptop for me to borrow. The operating system is Windows Vista. I have never used vista or ever encountered it before. Can anyone give me some tips on it? I mean I'm really ignorant with it. The moment I recieved it, I didn't know what to do first. What are the things I should install to keep my pc secure? In short, what are the things I should do or intall to get my pc started? antivirus?whatelse? what are your tips to help me maintain it? I really have no idea. Can anyone help me???
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@brew2x (3096)
• Philippines
12 Dec 08
Anti-virus software is really important. Some laptop has a trial anti-virus and for Vista it is usually Norton. If you have Norton then make sure that you've uninstalled the trial first using the removal tool from their website before installing any other security software or even Norton's full version. I suggest that you change also the Windows Update settings, I believe by default it is automatic. It's better if the setting is the second option which is "Check for updates but let me choose whether to download or install them". Cause in the future you might encounter the Service Pack 1 update and it might corrupt your system if you run it without downloading the prerequisite updates. Enjoy the new laptop :)
• India
12 Jun 08
I havent really used Vista a lot So cant really halp ya man
@izzuyasha (348)
• Malaysia
10 Jun 08
Anti-virus is the first thing you should get.Then get video codecs so that you can watch movies of every format.For maintainence,get Tune Up Utilities software.
@kjetil64 (118)
• Norway
10 Jun 08
One thing you need is an antivirus. Usually you get a free trial version of a antivirus program when you buy a new computer, but if you havent, you can download AVG antivirus for free.