let me know your character form your birthday and birthyear

June 10, 2008 3:50am CST
i believe in zobiac and chinese animal sign ,if you give me your birthday and birthyear i will say out your character ,try it .
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• Philippines
10 Jun 08
hi jose19820329... i guess you are a dog aries.... i also believe in zodiac and chinese animal signs and their relationship with our character. dogs the general characteristics of dogs are being loyal and being pessimistic am i right! or am i correct! hehe anyways im monkee sagitarius...
• China
11 Jun 08
to :metal _monkee yes ,you are quite right,dog sign character with self-guard inside their heart ,so they usually not easy to trust someone or something ,almost every thing they trusted should be after a good study ,this make them looks doing things very careful and slowly.of cause they are loyal as you mentioned . sometimes i think chinese signs is a very great thing ,it could mark people off 12 mainly characters and you easily remember them and use them for knowing people ,also yourself. i have a colleague belong to monkee sign and a college classmate is sagitarius,so i know monkee is very smart and active ,he is always have ways to settle problems of working and you will find that he is well humor of talking .also my sagitarius classmate is a very smart guy too ,he talks straight and doing things fastly ,when we playing football he always runs super fast . but i heard from some books ,they said monkee easily become a playboy when he handle problem of girls ,would it right for you ??
• Philippines
11 Jun 08
hahaha... nope im not playboy... ^_^ im a Buddhist monkee haha...i believe in the law of karma "what you sow you shall reap." so if ever i have a girlfriend. i am sure i'll be stick to one ^_^ interesting what are the 12 character traits of each signs? ^_^