nostalgic moments out of the drawer ^^

@unuzzz (1274)
June 10, 2008 7:00am CST
last night i was searching for some stationeries when studying, and i take all the stuffs out my drawer as i couldn't find what i was looking for well i never tidy my drawer, so it's pretty hard to find what i was looking for it's really a mess there.. hahaa so i put out everything inside, and finally i found what i was looking for.. but apparently i found more ^^ i found my old photo albums, when i looked at it, it was from my last senior high school period when i browsed the album, i can remember many silly things happened that time.. i can remember all the friends that were lost contact these times i also found my id card which was for the introduction session when i first time entered the university, and there's my photos on the id card no idea that i was so lean that time, now i'm so plump.. hahaaa i also found many souvenirs, some are from my childhood traveling, some are gifts from friends abroad there's this one which is a fortune key-chain, i remember it's from koshi, a friend from japan i haven't met him for a long time, quite miss him.. LoL actually i had no time for those nostalgic moments, hahaa, since i got to study for a test, but i'm glad i took all the stuffs out of the drawer ^^
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@gr8life (6253)
• Malaysia
25 Jul 08
Hello unuzzz, How nostalgic it became.... *smiles* When it happens to you, you don't even think that one day, it will be one of your treasured moments but when look back and ponder - Oh,yes! Those are nostalgic enough and there are times when you feel emotional with all this...Whenever I remember moments of my past, I will definitely miss those lovely times. Hmmm...isn't it good if you can turn back the time?
@unuzzz (1274)
• Indonesia
1 Aug 08
hi gr8life long time don't chat.. hehee ya it's been great to discover how valuable those things i treasured ^^ most of the things i found are from the elementary school i wonder where have all the kids gone ^^; i want to see them again someday ^^, there's a mickey mouse band-aid in my drawers.. ahahaa no idea where it precisely came from, but as far as i can remember, it might be from a female friend back in the elementary years i remember that once i fell when i was at 8 i think on the school field, my knee was bleeding, and a girl at my class give me a band-aid but i never use it, since the wound was pretty big.. hehee so maybe i just hold it on my hand and let the teacher take care of my wounds i still have the scar till now.. (**!) thanks for responding gr8life !!
@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
10 Jun 08
It's alwaysfunny to find things like that, but mann ... sounds like you should clean up a bit every now and then :D
@unuzzz (1274)
• Indonesia
17 Jun 08
hi Phlamingho hahaa, yeah it's fun that time.. well you're surely right i should clean up more.. LoL there is a silly thing happened after that, i thought i failed the test.. hahaa, for being sentimental for two hours at least.. hahaa there's one bad subject this semester, and i believe it's the one i studied that night haven't checked my schedule, but i'm pretty sure.. hahaaa if only my drawer is tidy, i'll be more serious studying hahaa, but that's ok to me.. thanks for responding Phlamingho .. ^^