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June 10, 2008 7:52am CST
I have 9 really sweet kittens that need homes. No one wants them and the only shelter that has room only takes the first 5 of the day. The rest are put down. I have no time as my landlord says they go or I do. I do know of a 8 1/2 acre piece of land that is not being used for the next few years that I could let them go on and they would be away from a lot of cars and close to a farm that feeds strays. I really don't want to let them go like that they have never even been outside ( they are even litter box trained) but I can't bring myself to let them get put down, nor can I risk my family getting put out. Help I need advise!
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26 Jul 08
I had a problem with a stray cat that had kittens in my garage. When I realized that the pound would not even take them at all, I looked into some rescue groups. I started calling vets in my area who led me to several. Unfortunately, most of them were full as well. I ended up driving over an hour to someone to take them in and find homes. Spaying and neuteing is not an option. I don't remember the exact number of cats and dogs that are killed every minute of every day in the United States alone. I do remember that it is more than one every minute of every day.
@freedomg (1684)
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28 Jul 08
Yeah the numbers are crazy! It's believes to be aprox. 6.9 million animals that are put to sleep in shelters every year. Our cats are like family so when the babies came it was like me becoming a grandma. I helped deliver them and helped care for them every day so there was no way I could let them be put down.