Riddle: Man going to prison

United States
November 2, 2006 7:24pm CST
A man was to be sentenced, and the judge told him, "You may make a statement. If it is true, I'll sentence you to four years in prison. If it is false, I'll sentence you to six years in prison." After the man made his statement, the judge decided to let him go free. What did the man say?
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@J_peso (2434)
• United States
3 Nov 06
male - male
hmm he said "you will sentence me 2 6 ys in prison".......the judge dint wan acontradict himself cos sentencing him to 6 yrs would make the statement tru.....and to 4 yrs would make it false ....so instead od contradictin himself he decided to let him go free
@gobeyu (25)
• Israel
3 Nov 06
nice one, i like the above!! or he said "My name is Nelson Mandela, i have been in prison for 27 years already, i am over 90 years old, sue me!" - just a joke
@RitaS8 (384)
• United States
3 Nov 06
He said, "You'll sentence me to six years in prison." If it was true, then the judge would have to make it false by sentencing him to four years. If it was false, then he would have to give him six years, which would make it true. Rather than contradict his own word, the judge set the man free.