police survey 20 percent are good and 80 percent are bad? do you agree.?

June 10, 2008 12:23pm CST
in my experience here in the philippines, i would say that only few are good police. many are extortionist, belong to drug syndicate and disrespectful to others etc... i experience when me and my friend go to a bar to drink 3 bottle of beer the owner of the bar call a police just to be boastful and show us that he hold the police but i know he gave money to the group of police. but my question is why is only me and my friend have body search by the police but others are not. i thinks it was a plan of the bar owner. another incident is when my friend and me waiting for a jeep, someone on the police mobil shouted a girl beside my friend. and he says you are flirting. and he was threatening my friend life, he says like this " i dont want to see you anymore if i see you tomorrow there something happen to you. immediately, we reported this case to headquarters but there are many police interrogating ask. is this right. it seems that they are intimidating us. they say that we are disgusing as a police. but i tell them no sir. im not a police but im a soldier. and i tell them why dont you ask like that the one whoe threatened my friend. is he a police or not. they did not answer because it is their asset who always drink in a beerhouse with a gun on his side. hey police officer and law enforcer wake up. why is your asset wearing a police uniform. he is not a police. but why they ask me and my friend that we disgusing as a police wherein we are not wearing police uniform or gun in our sides. hey wake up police idiot.....
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• Poland
11 Jun 08
Quite awful situation and I don't know what to say. Maybe change bar if the owner doesn't like you so much? About police... you can try to write somekind of petition but I don't know if it helps.