kidney stone

June 10, 2008 12:51pm CST
this what makes my life everyday miserable. i was confined in a hospital almost 35 thounsand pesos for the operation but stone still there in my kidney. i spend almost 60 thousand pesos including medicine. the doctors tell me that he widened the tube in ureter just to pass urine. but i tell to doctor nothing change with what i felt there is still pain in my back and everytime i am urinating. the doctor tell me if nothing changes , the solution is to open operation for about 50 to 55 thousand pesos. i have no money. so my decision to go home and take herbal medicine. now, i experience phobia with the doctors, i dont like doctors. but i used prayers and ask god to add my life. until now i experience back pain and very much irritaed everytime im urinating. now i resigned with my job. may i ask someone for any suggestion and pls.
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• Poland
11 Jun 08
Well if it hurts so badly you should go to this hospital and pay for the operation. I don't see any other way. Maybe you can find some organisation or something else that will help you pay this bill?