Any crappy boss stories

@moose8 (483)
June 10, 2008 6:38pm CST
MY boss can be suxch a D*** somethimes! he makes me do the crappy work just cause im new. dont you hate it when your picked on just because your new. it makes no sense at all and i think that it should be able to be reported. he picks on me to the point that i want to quit. Should i report this to anyone or should i just quit and say that its not worth it!!!!
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@grammasnook (1877)
• United States
10 Jun 08
I happen to be one of those crappy bosses lol ... Here is my phylosphy on being a good boss. My favorite saying is I am not asking you to do anything that I haven't done myself. I do not put myself above others I help them every way I can. If this "crappy" stuff you are doing is part of your job then you really have nothing to complain about. If you feel like you are being singled out then talk to your boss. I am sure that when asked to do this "crappy" job an attitude shows right through which can be misinterpeted as disrespect. When you say he picks on you what do you mean .. give example please.