U.S. Court Orders Deportation of Former Nazi Guard Living in Pennsylvania

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@J_peso (2434)
United States
June 10, 2008 7:36pm CST
I was reading this news article about Anton Geiser, a retired steelworker, who served as a Nazi guard should be deported even though the United States granted him a visa in 1956, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday. The Court, says his visa approval was a mistake and hence must be corrected however belatedly. I agree criminals should be persecuted for their crimes and have to serve sentences etc etc but it doesnot seem right to persecute people for having worked on a payroll when they probably did not have any skills suited to do anything else especially when probably they had been led into thinking something was the right way to do things. It almost seems equivalent to wanting to punish slave owners from way back to me. I beleive that the justice department makes the right decisions more often than not but then again is it not people that actually amke those decisions ( which makes the system a bit biased I think). In this case if he was guilty of hate crimes I would prefer him being deported rather than spending money for him in prison. But then again by deporting him back to elsewhere are we not trying to say he is good to be elsewhere but not here undermining the "everyone-is-created-equal" we beleive in as a nation. What are your views on the issue?
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