what is the most important thing on earth???

@budz08 (55)
June 10, 2008 11:49pm CST
For you what do you consider as the most precious thing on earth???is it the money,your friends,family,other material possession and others?
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@rainwater (353)
• China
11 Jun 08
The first thing is my parents,secondly,are you.But I can not find you.In my world,you are the important thing.You have been off,what should I do?You tell me.You leave me alone.Do you know?My heart was broken.Do you know my love?The heart is blooding.I am sad.Best wishes.
• India
11 Jun 08
I will tell you Taat prestegious thing on earth for me is my family who has given me so love affection to grow me up in life and survive in the real world. Then comes my good friends with whom i spent most of my time and share our problems and happy moment.
• Estonia
11 Jun 08
I know, that might sound silly - the most important thing for me is happiness. If I could always be happy, I really woudn't need anything else.
• United States
11 Jun 08
The most important thing on Earth is actually water. You can live witrhout all the other things, but you can't live without water. Too bad we're running out of a freshwater supply. It's sort of a scary thought.