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June 11, 2008 1:11am CST
I saw a terrible thing on television yesterday, A mother allowed this guy to give her baby crack and hydracortisone and of course it killed the baby.what a world! To me it is getting to be to where the world as a whole is preying on our children if it aint petifiles its giving them drugs to pimping them in whatever fashion man I'm so blessed i had good parents that looked out for me
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11 Jun 08
yeah it is horrible. i think of it in a sense of how humans are a part of the world and we are mamals. when animals go extinct it is because of us because we are the most intelegent. but i think we are loosing it here. Like humans are going extinct. but we have been killing ourselves for years. i'd say that intelegence is kind of a curse for the earth. haha. humans are actually incredibly stupid compared to a spider.