Man feels fine after being shot in head by nailgun

@shakeroo (3990)
June 11, 2008 2:45am CST
Getting shot in the head by any gun is not fun but this guy said that he is fine... The nail gun hose became tangled, causing the powerful tool to fire once. Chandler said Monday he told his friend he didn't know where the nail went, but he felt a sting on the top of his head. Soon they discovered that the nail was driven into Chandler's skull, so they called an ambulance. He was rushed to a hospital, where a doctor used a common claw hammer to remove the nail, Chandler said. Kinda of scary thing to happen to a person eh? what do you think? Read more:;_ylt=AqW0FD2cTIqMo9zxDVFYcAftiBIF
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