What gift would u like to give for your LOVER ??

June 11, 2008 10:49am CST
many of the lovers having in great confusion in buying gifts for their lover, since they completely what boys like for girls and what girls like for boys. So i have started this discussion to get various different answers from many people which help many lovers in this world, since this earth is made up of lovers. Specify the gift would u like to give for your better half and say why you giving that gift to your lover.
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• India
12 Jun 08
for a gift, frankly speaking, it is the budget which decides the type of the gift. in the lower category, girls can be gifted a cute stuffed toy or a nice doll while boys can be given comic books to pass time. then in the medium one, you can go for perfumes, a classic pen stand and things like that for girls. for boys, it may be a leather belt, a wallet or a pair of sunglasses. and last but not the least, you can gift any expensive jewelery or a diamond ring.and yes, do you consider the moon is on display in gift stores!!!