Which is better contact lens or specs.??

June 11, 2008 11:16am CST
Since many were having power that is short sight or long sight or any other eye defect. Peoples may have shy to wear glasses since it spoils their beauty so people prefer lens. There are many disadvantage in using lens since caring is more important for lens than specs. Tell your suggestions which is better and tell why u are suggestion this.
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@teka44 (3425)
• Brazil
11 Jun 08
Hi Karthickwins, welcome to mylot and have a happy stay here. Well, I use contact lens for many years and I like them. I don't want to change it for nothing else, only for one better. You need to wash them every night but it is not a hard work lol since you need to clean your glasses too. Lens are more confortable than glasses when you cook because the vapor and when is raining too. Also lens don't hurt your nose if you need to use glasses all the day.