Cushion Sofa or Wired Sofa..?

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June 11, 2008 11:55am CST
Which sofa did you use..?? We have a Wired/Wooden Sofa at our hall in my home.. and we have more cushion Sofa at our office. We can relaxly sit on the Cushion sofa.. but people use to tell that it makes you hot.. (create heat to your body) but our Sofa's all are imported one, all are original leather and it will not affect your body any way. Once at our Boss Room, and Two at our Reception and one at our Confrence hall.. More than Four at our factory office. Which is availabe at your home/office.. which one are you prefer..?? Post your comments..
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@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
11 Jun 08
Leather Sofa  - Leather Sofa that we have but not in this color
Keep in mind here that I have 2 homes. One with my fiance and on my off time when the fiance is off at work for several months at a time I live with my parents. At my parents we just have a huge cushion sofa that reclines on either end. It is very comfortable as the feet come up as well you can recline the back rest as well. At my fiances house we have 2 sets in 2 seperate rooms. We have one upstairs in the living room and we have one downstairs in the family room. Upstairs we have leather sofas that are so comfortable to lay on. Its like the couches themselves suck you in and say we are not going to let you out. Downstairs we have suede sofas as well. They are almost identical but the ones downstairs are suede. Heck of alot harder to clean than the leather ones that for sure.
• India
11 Jun 08
Thanks for your comments
• India
3 Nov 11
In our drawing room we have 3 sets of Maharaja sofa, this has 6 inch high density polysterene sits, highly comfortable, just out side my room there is a spring type sofa too, this is no doubt old fashined, but still comfortabe, at times i enjoy sitting on mats on the ground.. Thanks for sharing Best of luck. Professor
• India
3 Nov 11
I like cushion sofa other then wired is more comfortable then wired sofa.... I also have a cushion sofa on my house it looking so beautiful and easy to handle it. It's cleaning is also so easy.I will give you a link where you get more info and idea
@sitadevi (22)
22 Jun 08
i have a cushion sofa in my house...i would prefer the cushion sofa over the wired one...cuz it makes me feel more comfortable...its soft..and feels sofa is a better one! i dont think cushion sofas creates heat in our body..!